Terror Attack In New York

Gunshots were heard near Stuyvesant High School, a top-ranked public New York City school, at around 3pm local time on Tuesday afternoon.

Several people are reported to have been hit by a truck at around the time of the reported shooting.

Authorities are urging people to avoid the West Side Highway area while they deal with the incident.

One person has been taken into custody, police have confirmed.


Terrorist Group AntiFa Embraces Pedophiles

Images from last night’s protest of Mike Cernovich’s speech at Columbia University show far-left Antifa activists marching behind a banner that expresses support for pedophilia.

The banner, which is being carried by three individuals, two of which are wearing the usual Antifa attire, reads, “No white supremacy, no pedo bashing, no Mike Cernovich.”

The image also includes the logos of Antifa, the far-left Resist NY group and NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, which is a pedophile advocacy organization.

Some claimed the picture was fake, but a video clip of the protesters carrying the banner proves otherwise.


War on Christmas

The famous Coca-Cola truck could be banned from the streets of Liverpool this Christmas.

Calls have been made to stop the festive lorry from rolling into the city because of concerns about obesity levels.

Liverpool’s Liberal Democrat leader Richard Kemp warned that the city is ‘in the grip of an obesity epidemic’.

He said the soft drink truck promotes a product which is ‘grossly unhealthy’, the Liverpool Echo reported.

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Deadly Michigan Outbreak Kills 18

A recent hepatitis A outbreak in southeast Michigan has now sickened 457 people. That’s 14 times more than last year, and officials are having a difficult time stopping the spread of the virus.

Of the 457 known cases, 18 people have died and 370 have been hospitalized. But this outbreak is puzzling health officials as the complicated nature of the regional epidemic continues to baffle so many in the medical community. The outbreak is overly complicated. There’s no single source such as food contamination and many groups of people are at risk, including homeless people, drug users, and now terrifyingly; people who are neither. There are even more cases than normal among men who have sex with men increasing the spread of the virus.


Heat Street Pissed That Bryan Cranston Now Supports Trump

A year ago, “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston, like many of his Hollywood peers, vowed to move to Canada if Donald Trump somehow won the election. Well, Trump won. And, like many of his Hollywood peers, Cranston’s still here.

So, what does he think about Trump now? Here’s his latest take, courtesy of an interview with the Hollywood Reporter posted Monday:

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JFK Files Prove Hitler Survived WWII

Unsealed documents from the spy agency reveal a US agent was told by a “trusted” source that the Third Reich boss was not dead and hiding out in South America.

The suspected Hitler’s picture was even presented to the agent, scanned and sent back to the CIA.

It is claimed the Fuhrer didn’t commit suicide in his Berlin bunker, but instead fled to Colombia.

Conspiracy theorists often claim Hitler survived the end of World War 2 – despite him officially being recorded dead by the Allies.

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Media Labels Americans Russian Agents, Uses FB To Back Up This ‘Fact’

Russian attempts to skew the 2016 US election through Facebook reached much, much further than first thought. Numerous publications (including Axios, NBC News and the New York Times) have obtained Facebook’s prepared testimony for the Senate, which reveals that Russia-linked pages reached 126 million American users between January 2015 and August 2017. That’s over half of the social network’s US base, for those keeping track. About 80,000 pieces of divisive materialwere shown to 29 million users whose likes, shares and follows spread the content to many more people.

There’s more beyond that. Facebook also deleted over 170 Russia-linked Instagram accounts that had made about 120,000 posts, and it had discovered security threats against politicians that stemmed from APT28, the hacking team regularly connected to Russian military intelligence.


Businesses Leaving Hellish CA in Droves

According to one California observer, the “list of businesses abandoning California for more hospitable business environments reads like a roll call of top companies.” That corporations have been fleeing California’s escalating costs and over-the-top regulation is not all that surprising. But few may be aware of one of the Golden State’s more creative efforts to reverse that trend: enacting laws that force companies to incorporate in California if they want to do business there.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently took up—and overturned—one such law in Nationwide Biweekly Admin. v. Owen. The case arose from Nationwide’s biweekly mortgage loan repayment program, which facilitates homeowners with mortgages who wish to make 13 monthly mortgage payments a year, ostensibly reducing a 30-year mortgage into a 23.9-year mortgage.