Saudi Oil Giant Aramco Appoints First Woman to Board of Directors


The world’s biggest crude exporter, Saudi Aramco, has appointed its first female executive to the board of directors, naming Lynn Elsenhans, an American, one of its new members.

State-run Aramco announced the milestone decision on Sunday, welcoming the former chairwoman, president, and CEO of the US oil company Sunoco among its five new board members.

Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan, Economy Minister Mohammed Al-Tuwaijri, former president and CEO of Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. Peter Cella, and Andrew Liveris, CEO of the Dow Chemical Company will also join the board.

Elsenhans’ appointment comes as the conservative kingdom has embarked on a range of sweeping reforms, including loosening restrictions on women.


FB, Microsoft Change Gun Emoji in Squirt Gun to Make Them Look ‘Less Real’


Facebook and Microsoft are reportedly set to change one of the many emojis they offer for their respective platforms: the gun.

Emojis or emoticons, the digital symbols used to express emotions, objects, and ideas, have become highly popular as smartphone ownership has increased over the years. As they grow in popularity, big tech companies update their arsenal of emojis, some for aesthetics, and others for apparently political or moral reasons.

Apple appeared to start the trend of changing the firearm icon for its 2016 package of emojis, a stark alteration that caused a realistic pistol to become more evocative of a water gun. Now, Microsoft says they are likely to redesign its own “to reflect our values and the feedback we’ve received.”

Daily Caller

Radical Experiment Keeps Pig Brains Alive Outside Their Bodies


Pig brains have been kept alive outside their bodies for the first time as part of a controversial new experiment.

The brains of hundreds of pigs survived for up to 36 hours after the animals had been decapitated, researchers revealed.

The radical experiments could pave the way for brain transplants and may one day allow humans to become immortal by hooking up our minds to artificial systems after our natural bodies have perished.

Daily Mail

FB Investor, Zuckerberg Mentor Laments Tech Giant’s ‘Big Brother’ Behavior


Even if Facebook’s stellar Q1 earnings report hadn’t helped erase some of the losses that Facebook shares incurred in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook executives Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sanderberg would still believe that the company’s troubles are largely behind them and that the company had essentially repaired the damage done to its reputation.

That was the assessment delivered by early Facebook investor and one-time Zuckerberg mentor Roger McNamee, who warned during an appearance at an event organized by Quartz in Washington DC last week that the company’s leaders are deeply complacent and still haven’t accepted the fact that Facebook has badly mislead its users about how the company profits off their data.

Despite Zuckerberg’s warning, embedded in his opening statement to Congress earlier this month, that the company planned to make changes that could “significantly impact” profitability, McNamee believes it’s likely Facebook is “going to get away” with the bad things that it has done, which is “particularly dangerous” considering the 2018 midterm elections are only months away. McNamee said he’s deeply disappointed in how Zuckerberg and Sandberg have responded to the crisis by refusing to accept responsibility.

Zero Hedge


30,000 Afghans Arrive in Turkey Over Three Months


Almost 30,000 Afghans have arrived in Turkey over the last three months, according to the country’s Interior Minister.

Suleyman Soylu revealed that 29,899 migrants had arrived in Turkey since January, which if trends continue, would exceed the 45,259 who arrived in the whole of 2017.

“In recent months, we are facing a new refugee wave, especially from Afghanistan,” he told the Anadolu news agency.


Greece’s Refugee Problem


The Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos is overcrowded and conditions aren’t good, Greece’s news portal Iefimerida reported at the start of the year.

While the media and NGOs have heavily focused their reports on the plight women and children, they failed to mention why Greece could have good reasons to keep the camp isolated.

There are 162 unaccompanied children and 216 women in the Moria refugee camp; the total population of the camp is 5,206.

Voice of Europe

Muslim Motivated by ‘Christian Hatred’ Defiled 215 Graves


On 15h April 2015, while the cemetery’s guards were eating, 215 Christian graves were damaged in the cemetery at Saint-Roch de Castres, France.

A Muslim man was motivated in his unspeakable acts by “Christian hatred” a judge has ruled today. The man is living in Graulhet, France.

When the horrific desecration of the graves was discovered, French president Francois Hollande called the crime “vile” and promised that “everything will be done to find the authors of this act.”

Voice of Europe

BBC Withdraws ‘Human Planet’ Series After Multiple Scenes Exposed as Fake


The BBC has withdrawn Human Planet from distribution after admitting that the series faked scenes of an Indonesian hunter harpooning a whale.

The natural history programme is currently available on Netflix but will be withdrawn within 24 hours while the corporation conducts an “editorial review”.

It is the second Human Planet fakery story this month. It emerged that film-makers had staged scenes of a rainforest tribe supposedly living in a treehouse 140 feet from the ground.

London Telegraph

Leftists Praise ‘Comedian’ Who Insulted Trump Staffers at WH Dinner


Michelle Wolf, a comedian and former Daily Show with Trevor Noahcorrespondent, drew both uncomfortable laughter and some gasps with a scathing routine as host of the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night.

Nothing was off-limits at the annual gathering of political figures and journalists as Wolf lampooned President Donald Trump’s sex life, mocked Vice President Mike Pence’s anti-abortion politics and called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a liarright to her face. At one point, Wolf acknowledged the visible discomfort in the room and joked, “Yeah, [you] shoulda done more research before you got me to do this.”

It was a vicious critique of an administration in apparent chaos, and it seemed to have the desired effect: Wolf’s jokes provoked current and former members of the Trump administration who were in attendance, a list that included Kellyanne Conway, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and former press secretary Sean Spicer. Spicer tweeted that the dinner was “a disgrace.”