Global Warming Alarmists Still Pounding the ‘Climate Change’ Drums


The extreme heatwaves and wildfires wreaking havoc around the globe are “the face of climate change,” one of the world’s leading climate scientists has declared, with the impacts of global warming now “playing out in real time.”

Climate change has long been predicted to increase extreme weather incidents, and scientists are now confident these predictions are coming true. Scientists say the global warming has contributed to the scorching temperatures that have baked the UK and northern Europe for weeks.

The hot spell was made more than twice as likely by climate change, a new analysis found, demonstrating an “unambiguous” link.

Extreme weather has struck across Europe, from the Arctic Circle to Greece, and across the world, from North America to Japan. “This is the face of climate change,” said Prof Michael Mann, at Penn State University, and one the world’s most eminent climate scientists. “We literally would not have seen these extremes in the absence of climate change.”

the Guardian

Twitter Suspends GOP Senate Candidate For Defending Himself Against Russian Agent Claims


Twitter suspended a Republican Senate candidate for the sin of using satire to defend himself against suggestions that he is a Russian agent.

The farce began when Austin Petersen, a candidate in the Republican Party’s primary for the U.S. Senate race in Missouri, got into an exchange with Caroline O., a writer for ShareBlue Media, a far-left website.

“Our campaign accepts bitcoin contributions!” tweeted Petersen alongside a donation link.

“Interesting timing here: Russian hackers targeted Claire McCaskill in Aug 2017. The next month, one of her GOP opponents in Missouri rolled out this new ad,” responded Caroline O.


CNN Championing Mattel’s New Hijab Barbie, Now in Stores


Fake news network CNN promoted a piece championing toy maker Mattel’s new hijab-wearing Barbie doll Monday, and it did not go down well with Americans.

The doll, which was first seen last year, is now in stores as part of Mattel’s “Shero” line of toys. Yet CNN reveled in promoting the toy, calling it a “broader effort by Mattel to diversify the Barbie line”:

In addition, CNN also published a written article by Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, who the doll is based on, and who is operating as a sports ambassador for the U.S. State Department.

In the piece, Muhammad, instead of talking about her doll, basically slammed the Trump administration.


Media Calls Transgender Woman Who Killed Her Own Grandmother a Man


When is a transgender woman not a woman?

Apparently, when she kills her own grandmother, at which point “she” magically returns to being a “he”!

From AZ Family, “Police: Man killed 81-year-old grandmother because he was tired of caring for her”:

A 30-year-old Arizona man was arrested after police said he killed his grandmother because he was tired of caring for her.

Officers arrived at an apartment complex in Chandler early Sunday morning and found 81-year-old Helen Smith dead. Her grandson, Brandon Smith, was later arrested and charged with first-degree in connection with her death.

According to Chandler police, Brandon was frustrated that he was the only one in the family taking care of Helen, who suffered from dementia.

Information Liberation

Manafort Case Goes to Trial But Don’t Expect to Hear Evidence of Collusion


The much-anticipated trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort begins Tuesday, but observers hoping for evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia are likely to be disappointed.

Prosecutors working for special counsel Robert Mueller plan to call nearly three dozen witnesses and introduce 500 pieces of evidence in an effort to show that Manafort engaged in bank fraud and evaded taxes on income he received for work on behalf of a Ukrainian politician.

Among the witnesses are Manafort’s accountants and Rick Gates, a former Manafort business partner and Trump campaign aide who accepted a plea deal with Mueller in February. Tad Devine, the chief strategist for the Bernie Sanders campaign, is also on the witness list. Devine worked with Manafort on behalf of Viktor Yanukovych, the former president of Ukraine.

Daily Caller

Canadian Blogger Convicted of Defamation Against Islam in Quebec


Another crushing blow to freedom of speech in a previously free country now undergoing the crippling effects of islamization.

Without sites such as the Geller Report (and this persecuted blogger), freedom loving peoples would not understand this ruling, let alone how dangerous and destructive Islamic law can be to a free society. This is why we are targeted so mercilessly and relentlessly in every media story and reference.

A Canadian court has convicted a blogger of ‘defamation’ of a veiled sharia activist in what can only be described as a political prosecution and further proof of the erosion of our individual rights and freedom under islamization.  I can assure you, my colleagues and I would never win such a case if we sued – and our treatment in the “legitimate” media has been far, far worse.

Geller Report

Albanian Refugee Warns Socialism Always Becomes a Prison System


The promises of socialism seem enticing at first, but eventually the population loses its freedom, an Albanian refugee warned.

Peter Lumaj, now a conservative activist in the U.S., joined Fox News to explain the rising popularity of socialism in America.

“The most common words that they use, when they talk about socialism, is providing free things to the population. Don’t they do that with the prison system?” he said on Monday.

“Socialism becomes a big prison system at the end – where we provide free services to people. But, again, the population loses its freedom and the opportunity to prosper.”

Lumaj then pointed out that candidates like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have good rhetoric, but the evidence shows people flee socialist countries to find opportunities in capitalist countries, not the other way around.


Ocasio-Cortez Tells Dearborn Voters She Needs ‘Posse’ to “Throw Down” in Congress


New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday urged Michigan voters to elect a “posse” of progressive candidates to help the democratic socialist “throw down” in Congress.

Appearing alongside Women’s March co-founder Linda Sarsour and Democrat Michigan gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed, Ocasio-Cortez urged attendees of the “My Muslim Vote” rally in Dearborn, Michigan, to send ex-Democrat State Rep. Rashida Tlaib and community organizer Fayrouz Saad to Congress.

“Just fighting against hate is not good enough. We have to [inaudible] and move forward. We have to move in an affirmative direction. I can’t do it alone,” Ocasio-Cortez began. “Just one seat out of 435 isn’t what’s going to get us there.”


Violent Portland Antifa Plotting “Direct Confrontation” at Pro-Trump Rally


A violent Antifa cell based in Portland, Oregon is planning a “direct confrontation” with participants in a pro-Trump rally next Saturday, according to a call to action on the leftist website “It’s Going Down.

Rose City Antifa has continued their great work of doxxing the Portland area Proud Boys involved in this violence, and is also calling for militant antifascist resistance against Patriot Prayer,” reads the posting first reported by Cassandra Fairbanks of the Gateway Pundit.

The Rose City Antifa group notably clashed with members of Patriot Prayer and the pro-Trump “Proud Boys” in early June, which resulted in a viral video of a member of Antifa being knocked out during a melee started by the violent “resistance” group.

Zero Hedge


Brits Furious Amid Reports of UK Navy Rescuing Manchester Bomber Prior to Attack


Salman Abedi, suicide bomber who killed 22 people at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester last May, was known to the UK security services, which monitored him at the time of his trip to war-ravaged Libya.

The Manchester Arena terrorist was rescued by the Royal Navy from the civil war in Libya three years before he committed the attack, British media reported.

Even though he was being closely monitored by security services, Salman Abedi and his brother Hashem are understood to have boarded the HMS Enterprise in Tripoli in August 2014, dispatched to evacuate British nationals as the internal situation drastically deteriorated. According to the Daily Mail, his case was closed just one month before the evacuation due to mistaken identity.