MSM Calls Mental Health Reform to Prevent Gun Violence “Problematic”


WASHINGTON (AP) — When shots rang out last year at a high school in Parkland, Florida, leaving 17 people dead, President Donald Trump quickly turned his thoughts to creating more mental institutions.

When back-to-back mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, jolted the nation earlier this month, Trump again spoke of “building new facilities” for the mentally ill as a way to reduce mass shootings.

“We don’t have those institutions anymore and people can’t get proper care,” Trump lamented at a New Hampshire campaign rally not long after the latest shootings.

Now, in response to Trump’s concerns, White House staff members are looking for ways to incorporate the president’s desire for more institutions into a long list of other measures aimed at reducing gun violence.


Second Homicide Identified in String of VA Hospital Deaths


WASHINGTON – When federal investigators contacted the Shaw family at their farm in rural West Virginia last winter, they had an unusual request: They wanted to exhume the body of George Nelson Shaw, Sr., who had died several months earlier, to examine his body for foul play.

The family had thought his death was suspicious. They didn’t understand how in just a few weeks the retired Air Force veteran had gone from bowling to hospice at the local VA medical center.

Last month, investigators returned to the 111-acre farm to tell the family what they had learned: Shaw had not died of natural causes. He had been killed – one of a string of suspicious deaths at the hospital.

USA Today

Regularly Using Social Media Causes Stressed, Fuels Addiction

social media

Regular use of social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can cause huge amounts of stress which, scientists say, can fuel addiction to the sites.

Social networking platforms are known to generate so-called ‘technostress’ among users.

This is not enough to make users ditch the site, but often just makes users use the site in a slightly different way instead.

If this next activity causes more stress, the person again just flips to another social media action,browsing the news feed, messaging etc.

This vicious circle then raises the risk of these people becoming embroiled in an internet web and becoming addicted.

IT and management expert Monideepa Tarafdar of the Lancaster University and colleagues examined the habits of 444 Facebook users.

Daily Mail

UK Generation Z-ers Say Their Lives Are “Meaningless”

Social Media Designed to Depress, Isolate Population

Conn. Professor Hopes Whiteness Will “Dissolve into Oblivion”


The head of Western Connecticut State University’s psychology department shared his own qualms about being white on Tuesday, claiming that “whiteness needs to go away.”

Daniel Barrett, professor and chair of the school’s psychology department, made this claim and others in an op-ed he penned for The Good Men Project.

In the piece titled “Race Traitor?” the professor states that “Whiteness needs to go a-way,” claiming that if “whiteness” is based on “the increasing destruction of the environment” and the “total demolition of value,” specifically “truth, integrity, honesty, defense of the common good, common sense, love broadly construed, recognition of the inherent humanity of others, and so on,” then the concept “should be allowed to dissolve into oblivion, erode into nothingness.”

Campus Reform

Ocasio-Cortez Warns Diseases Could Escape Glaciers Due to Climate Change


Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told fans on a live stream Tuesday that if climate change isn’t stopped, glaciers could melt and expose humans to diseases tens of thousands of years old.

“There are a lot of diseases that are frozen in some of these glaciers that scientists fear that there is a potential that a lot of diseases could escape these melted glaciers,” Ocasio-Cortez said on Instagram Live.

“Things that were frozen for thousands of years, and that they’re going to get into our water, and that humans could contract them, and they’re going to be diseases that are thousands of years old that have vectors that we are not prepared for, that we have never seen,” she said, continuing, “Um…and so that’s a concern…Even if there are no diseases frozen at all in these glaciers, you have diseases that are spread by mosquitoes, and now mosquitoes are starting to fly further north that carry diseases like malaria, and a whole slew of other things.”

Daily Caller

Justice Dept Opposes Google’s Undersea Cable From China


The Justice Department is opposing a bid by Google, Facebook Inc. and a Chinese entity to complete an undersea internet cable between the U.S. and Hong Kong, raising national security concerns for the project that runs out of temporary authority next month.

The high capacity fiber-optic cable running about 8,000 miles (13,000 kilometers) is intended to connect U.S. internet users to Asia and increase competition on the trans-Pacific data route, according to filings at the Federal Communications Commission, where the companies in 2017 applied for permission to land the cable in the U.S.

The project remains pending as tensions simmer between the U.S. and China, with an ongoing trade dispute featuring tariffs on billions of dollars in goods and chaotic pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.


Dog Deaths Across US Linked to Toxic Blue-Green Algae in Lakes Ponds


From Oregon to Maine, from Minnesota to Texas, beloved pets are dying after swimming in lakes and ponds.

Stories are emerging nationwide of dogs who took a dip, and died moments later, and local governments are advising against letting pets swim in bodies of water which may be contaminated with toxic blue-green algae.

In Austin, Texas, three dogs died after swimming in Lady Bird Lake, with the deaths attributed to the cyanobacterial algae blooms being found across the U.S.


Elites Going Rogue Suggests the Global Neoliberal Architecture is Collapsing


Authored by Michael Every via Rabobank,

Listen carefully. That is the sound of going rogue – and bond yields further through the floor.

Yesterday UK PM Boris Johnson announced he is going to prorogue–or close–Parliament, meaning that when MPs come back to sit next week they will only do so briefly, and will then not return until 14 October, when there will be a new Queen’s Speech to launch BoJo’s slate of legislation as the new PM. So far, so technical. Yet what this effectively means is that there will be a very narrow window next week, and then a slightly larger one in the final two weeks of October, for Parliament to act to prevent Hard Brexit on Halloween.

Zero Hedge

DOJ Watchdog Says Comey Violated FBI Policy in Handling Sensitive Memos


The Justice Department’s inspector general sharply criticized James Comey on Thursday, saying in a report that the former FBI director violated bureau policy in the handling of memos that he wrote after conversations with President Donald Trump.

The report details how Comey handled seven memos he wrote between Jan. 6, 2017 and April 11, 2017, following interactions he had with Trump. The inspector general’s office determined that four of those memos contained information classified as “Secret” or “Confidential.”

Comey, who was fired as FBI director on May 9, 2017, provided four of the memos to his personal attorneys after his ouster. He also gave screen shots of one memo to his close personal friend with instructions to provide the information to The New York Times.

Daily Caller

Comey Threatens to Indict President Trump Post-Presidency

DOJ Bombshell: Report on Comey’s Criminal Activities Freaking Out Obama

Rand Paul Blocks Release of Mueller Report to Force Investigation of Clinton, Comey Brennan