Ohio Shooter Wore Antifa Mask, Woman’s Dress on Stage While Performing in Band


The Dayton, Ohio mass shooter was a member of a death metal band called ‘Menstrual Munchies’ and was pictured during one on-stage performance in an Antifa mask and a woman’s dress.

As we reported earlier, the mainstream media is finally beginning to acknowledge that Connor Betts was a far-left extremist who expressed support for the anti-ICE terrorist, Antifa and the presidential candidacy of Elizabeth Warren, as well as retweeting numerous left-wing personalities and news outlets.

Now Death Metal Underground’s Robert de Sandford reports that in a 2018 performance video posted to Facebook (since removed), “Betts dons a dress and a mask commonly worn by Antifa members.”

As a member of ‘Menstrual Munchies’, Betts was part of a grindcore music scene that had vehemently embraced Antifa and, according to de Sandford, could be “responsible for the radicalization of heavy metal’s first mass-murderer musician.”


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