The New Matrix: Americans Addicted to Smart Tech, All But Ignore TV


Why do you believe what you believe?  Some people have a really solid answer to that question, but much of the population never thinks much about deeper questions such as this.  In fact, for most Americans it is simply easier to let others do their thinking for them.  Today, most of us spend multiple hours each day absorbing information through a screen, and most of the content that is fed to us through our televisions, phones, tablets and computers is controlled by the elite.  And if you allow anyone to feed information into your mind for several hours every day, it is going to have a dramatic impact on how you view the world.

When I was younger, one of my favorite movies was “The Matrix”, and I think that it is a really good metaphor for what is going on in our society today.  In the film, nearly the entire human population was plugged into a system which continuously fed a computer-generated reality into their minds that wasn’t real at all.  Later on, I eventually came to realize that we are willingly doing the same thing to ourselves.  Our personal interactions with one another are extremely limited, but we willingly “plug in” to the enormous matrix of news, information and entertainment that the elite have constructed for many hours each day.


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Migrants Praise Chancellor Merkel For Opening German Borders


Migrants say they go to Germany to seek a “better life” because they feel welcomed by Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom they call “the mother of Africans.”

German state broadcaster ZDF recently interviewed three Guinean men at an asylum facility who said they were all bound for Germany.

“It is our dream to move to Germany to have a better life there,” one man said.

Another man claimed, “I would like to work in Germany, to learn a job, and work in it so that I can live well in Germany.”


Nazi Collaborator George Soros Claims Globalism is Far From Defeated


In an interview released by the New York Times on Friday, left-wing billionaire and self-proclaimed globalist George Soros bragged about making enemies and claimed the tide is turning in favor of the global elite.

“I’m very proud of the enemies I have,” he told the NYT from the comfort of his multi-million dollar townhouse in New York’s Upper East Side. “It’s a perfect way to tell a dictator or a would-be dictator if he identifies me as an enemy.”

That’s right, according to Soros, millions of Americans are “would-be dictators” for opposing his far-left ideology.


Soros Endorses Elizabeth Warren: “Most Qualified to be President”


George Soros, like Barack Obama, has passed over former Vice President Joe Biden when it comes to the 2020 US election.

In a wide-ranging interview with the New York Times, the progressive billionaire predicted that Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts will become the Democratic nominee who will face Trump in 2020.

She has emerged as the clear-cut person to beat,” he said. “I don’t take a public stance, but I do believe that she is the most qualified to be president.

Soros quickly added that his comments were not an endorsement of Warren, saying “I’m not endorsing anybody because I want to work with whoever, ” adding “I don’t express my views generally because I have to live with whoever the electorate chooses.”

Zero Hedge

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Trump Asks For List of Never Trumpers in His Administration


President Donald Trump continued criticism of Never Trumpers in Washington, DC, on Friday, even asking reporters for a list of the ones working in his administration.

The president spoke with reporters as he left for South Carolina to speak at the Second Step Presidential Justice Forum at Benedict College.

“Who are they? Tell me. Tell me who the Never Trumpers are because I’m not a fan of the Never Trumpers,” Trump said.


Roger Stone Warns Impeachment Possible if Senate Turns on Trump


President Trump will likely be removed from office if the Republican-led Senate holds an impeachment trial, according to Trump confidante Roger Stone.

Stone joined The Alex Jones Show in a rare interview on Friday to give a thorough rundown of the threats Trump faces amid the Democrats’ renewed impeachment push against him.

“I did have a front-row seat during the Nixon impeachment,” Stone told Alex Jones. “I also had a front-row seat during the Clinton impeachment. And I must say what is going on now in Washington is completely unlike either of those processes.”


FBI Entrapped Flynn With Manipulated Evidence


A bombshell court filing from Michael Flynn’s new legal team alleges that FBI agents altered a ‘302’ form – the official record of the former national security adviser’s interview – that resulted in the DOJ charging him with lying to investigators.

Early last week Flynn attorney Sidney Powell filed a sealed reply to federal prosecutors’ claims that they have satisfied their requirements for turning over evidence in the case. A minimally redacted copy of the reply brief was made public late last week, revealing the plot to destroy Flynn, as reported by The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland.

According to the 37-page motion, a team of “high-ranking FBI officials orchestrated an ambush-interview of the new president’s National Security Advisor, not for the purpose of discovering any evidence of criminal activity—they already had tapes of all the relevant conversations about which they questioned Mr. Flynn—but for the purpose of trapping him into making statements they could allege as false.”

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Another Year of Leftists Triggered by Halloween Costumes


It’s inevitable — every Halloween, there are costumes that are bound to spark backlash or, in the case of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, whose past costumes involving blackface and brownface recently resurfaced, result in a major political scandal. Some schools have canceled Oct. 31 festivities in an effort to avoid potential costume controversies, while others, such as Furman University in South Carolina, are issuing guidelines and urging students to avoid wearing something that might “reinforce stereotypes or [be] otherwise demeaning.”

Though Halloween is still a week away, some get-ups have already fanned the flames of controversy thanks to concerns about cultural appropriation or accusations of bad taste. In Australia, Kmart has pulled a bride costume aimed at girls as young as four after an outraged mom started a petition saying it normalized child marriage. And according to High Country News, a publication covering tribal issues, the popular costume and lingerie retailer Yandy has quietly removed its Native American-inspired outfits after a petition started last year fetched more than 26,000 signatures. (Yandy, which also yanked a “sexy” “Handmaid’s Tale”-inspired costume following backlash last year, continues to sell Day of the Dead, geisha girl and other takes on cultural dress.)


Scottish School Bans Halloween Costumes to Promote ‘Inclusivity’

Beto Doubles Down on Plan to Forcibly Disarm Americans (Video)


Is he still claiming this isn’t confiscation?

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Hillary, Obama Use Elijah Cummings’ Funeral to Take Shots at Trump


On Friday during Rep. Elijah Cummings’ (D-MD) funeral, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton used a Biblical analogy to take a veiled shot at President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump.

Clinton was comparing Cummings to his namesake, the Biblical prophet Elijah, who stood up against wicked King Ahab and Queen Jezebel.


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