Assange Punishment Meant as a Warning Shot to Other Journalists to Stay in Line


British rock legend and Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters told RT that by going after WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange governments want to scare off journalists and whistleblowers from exposing the truth.

Those persecuting Assange are “applying the heaviest possible penalty they can on him for stepping out of line and doing his job as a journalist,” Waters told RT’s Afshin Rattansi on his show Going Underground.

“They’re clearly trying as hard as they can to kill him…Julian Assange is becoming a warning to other journalists that if you tell the truth – particularly to power – ‘we will get you.’”

Assange is currently being held in a British jail pending extradition to the US, having served his sentence for skipping bail. He could face up to 175 years in prison for publishing classified documents, including information on possible US war crimes in Iraq. The hearing is scheduled for February.


The Establishment is Turning on the Clintons to Save Their Shot in 2020


Late night HBO host Bill Maher tore into Hillary and Bill Clinton during his Friday show, insisting that the Democrat Party distance itself from the Clintons as soon as possible if it hopes to win the 2020 election.

Talking to his guest panel on “Real Time,” Maher explained that Hillary’s brand has tainted the Democrats, and that she was in part why Democrats lost in 2016.

“It seems like every few months, Hillary Clinton bubbles up again,” Maher said. “And people are like ‘oh, she’s thinking about running,’ or she says something crazy. Last Friday there was a news dump, they exonerated her again about the emails.”


TX Investigates Father Forced to Take LGBTQ Classes as Son Raised as Trans


Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced an investigation into the case of a 7-year-old whose mother plans to transition him to a girl against his father’s wishes.

Abbott tweeted that the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is looking into details of James Younger’s case. A judge is expected to make a final verdict in the court case Thursday.

FYI the matter of 7 year old James Younger is being looked into by the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services,” Abbott tweeted.

Daily Caller

Court Allows Chemical Castration of Boy, Forces Father to Take LGBTQ Classes

Judge Rules Father Will Have A Say In Son’s Gender “Transition” Pushed By Mom

NYT Quietly Accuses Republicans, Not Russians, in Grooming of Tulsi Gabbard

before after

The New York Times was caught quietly editing an article which sparked a massive quarrel between Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard and Hillary Clinton.

The article from last Friday, which initially had Clinton accusing Russia of “grooming” Gabbard, now claims Hillary accused “Republicans” of grooming her for a third-party run.


Dems Turn on Tulsi Gabbard, Push Baseless ‘Russian Agent’ Hoax (Video)

Hillary Clinton is Out to Politically Destroy Fellow Dem Tulsi Gabbard

The View Calls Tulsi Gabbard a ‘Russian Agent’ For Not Liking Hillary Clinton

Soros Gave $300K to Italian Radicals to Promote Immigration


ROME — The former national secretary of the Italian Radicals has confirmed his party received $298,000 in 2017 from George Soros’ Open Society foundations for the purpose of promoting international immigration.

Riccardo Magi, former secretary of Emma Bonino’s globalist Radical party and now deputy of +Europa, said that the financing came from the multi-billionaire “to promote a wide-ranging reform of Italian immigration laws through initiatives aimed at providing aid to immigrants and advancing their social well-being.”

In essence, Italian media reported, the funding was aimed at procuring the 90 thousand signatures necessary to guarantee the advance of an immigration bill titled “I was a stranger — humanity doing good.”


Soros-Linked Media Tracking Tool Was Used to Illegally Monitor Pro-Trump Journalists

Soros-Backed Antifa Terrorists Gearing Up For Major False Flag 2020 Event

BOMBSHELL: Second Ukraine ‘Whistleblower’ is George Soros Mole

22 Climate Change Activist Groups Funded by George Soros

Soros Agents in Israel Caught Breaking Law, Busing Arab Voters to Polls

Violent Man Slams Innocent Woman Head-First into NY Subway Car


A female bystander was shoved head-first into a New York City subway car by a hostile man, according to a video posted to social media.

The man appears to be engaged in a dispute with other men on a train platform in Brooklyn before he attacks the woman, who does not appear to have any connection to the original altercation.

“What? What?” the man can be heard repeatedly yelling at his opponents as he engages them physically.

Eventually, he sets his sights on the woman, who has her back turned to him and appears to be walking towards the open train door.

He shoves her forcefully from behind with both hands, causing her to slam head-first into the sidewall of the subway car.


America is on Step Six of the Eight-Step Collapse of Civilization

7 in 10 Believe America is on Brink of Civil War


39 Bodies Found in UK-Bound Truck Were Chinese Nationals, Driver Arrested


Police have confirmed that the 39 people found dead in a truck were Chinese nationals.

The revelation comes after three properties were raided in Northern Ireland.

The 39 people found dead inside a refrigerated truck in southeastern England were all Chinese nationals, British police and the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed on Thursday.

Emergency workers found the bodies of 39 people inside a truck container at an industrial estate in Essex on Wednesday morning.


African ‘Voodoo Mafia’ Drug, Prostitute Gang Spreading Across Sweden

Black Ax

A West African gang known for running drugs and brainwashing prostitutes using voodoo is spreading its network through Europe and Sweden, police fear.

Black Ax, an international crime syndicate based in Nigeria, has set its sights on the city of Uppsala after putting roots in other Swedish cities such as Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg, according to a new report in SVT Nyheter.

“They are mainly involved in human trafficking,” police spokesman Jale Poljarevius says. “They are holding women hostage, and through voodoo, they are tricking them into believing they will end up badly if they leave the job. But they are also involved in selling cocaine and heroin.”


Sweden is Officially Breeding Out its Own People Through Migrants

Sweden Backs Down From Destroying its Own History After Huge Backlash

BY DESIGN: Mass Migration Has Turned Sweden into a Literal War Zone

Mass Migration Leaving Swedish Women in Fear of Leaving Their Homes

Christianity Popularity Declining in US


The decline of the Christian faith in the United States continues to accelerate, and the latest numbers that we just got are absolutely staggering.

Most European countries are already considered to be “post-Christian” nations, and the U.S. appears to be headed down the exact same path.  But when America was originally founded, it is estimated that 98 percent of the colonists were Christians.  The Christian faith played a critical role in the development of our form of government, and down throughout history every generation of Americans was overwhelmingly Christian.  But now things are changing in a major way.  According to a brand new survey that was just released by the Pew Research Center, only 65 percent of Americans now consider themselves to be “Christians”, and that represents the lowest level ever recorded…

End of the American Dream

Americans With No Religion Has Increased by 266% Over Last 3 Decades

7 in 10 Believe America is on Brink of Civil War


A new poll conducted by Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service finds that 7 in 10 Americans believe the country is nearing civil war.

The survey found that 67% of Americans think the nation is on the way to such a scenario.

“The majority of Americans believe that we are two-thirds of the way to being on the edge of civil war. That to me is a very pessimistic place,” said Mo Elleithee, the executive director of the Institute.

A clear majority of Americans, 84%, also believe that “behavior that used to be seen as unacceptable is now accepted as normal behavior,” suggesting the 2020 presidential race will be the most uncivil ever.