America Releases Murderers & Child Rapists While Arresting Pastors


As states throughout the nation release dozens of violent criminals, some lawmakers are cracking down on religious leaders defying “stay at home” orders by hosting church services.

On Friday, California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom announced he’d be commuting the sentences of 14 felons convicted of murder or being involved in a murder.

To make things worse, four of the victims were children and one was a pregnant woman.


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Sweden Allowing Migrants to Protest Despite Ban on Gatherings

lost cause

Swedish authorities allowed a large group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators to protest at a migration office despite a national ban on large gatherings.

Some 70 protesters assembled outside a Migration Board office in Gothenburg to express their outrage that some Palestinian ‘asylum seekers’ have not received residence permits, according to GT.

The group was allowed to carry on despite not obtaining a permit and being in violation of Sweden’s prohibition on congregations of more than 50 people due to the coronavirus crisis – a policy police are reportedly having difficulty enforcing as they have not been issued comprehensive instructions.


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Border Patrol Ejecting Illegals Within 90 Minutes Under New Crisis Rules

border patrol

Border agents are taking an average of just 96 minutes to deport illegal aliens they apprehend under new federal rules implemented due to the coronavirus crisis, according to reports.

Illegal migrants from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries of Central America – El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras – are now being processed “in the field,” and quickly sent back into Mexico, the Washington Post reports, citing multiple anonymous officials.

Over 85 percent of migrants being taken into custody reportedly fall into the aforementioned category.

Authorities are no longer obligated to arrange medical screenings for illegals, significantly speeding up processing protocols.


Spanish Government Being Sued For Encouraging Mass Gatherings


The Spanish government is being sued for gross negligence after it encouraged citizens to attend giant feminist rallies across the country on March 8, potentially exposing hundreds of thousands of people to coronavirus.

“A class action lawsuit filed on March 19 accuses the Spanish government — highly ideological by any standard, as the Communist coalition partner, Podemos, was founded with seed money from the Venezuelan government — of knowingly endangering public safety by encouraging the public to participate in more than 75 feminist marches, held across Spain on March 8, to mark International Women’s Day,” writes Soeren Kern.

The rallies were attended by Spain’s deputy prime minister, as well as the prime minister’s wife and mother.

In Madrid alone, which has been devastated by the coronavirus outbreak, “Thousands of women marched…against gender inequality to mark International Women’s Day, despite concerns the gatherings could help the spread of coronavirus,” reported Reuters.


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MSM Slams Trump For Criticizing Dem 2020 Mail-In Ballot Scheme


In a Monday morning interview on “Fox & Friends,” President Donald Trump explicitly said that congressional Republicans opposed expanding voting access in the coronavirus stimulus package because it would hurt them politically.

The stimulus package presented by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives included several provisions that would require states to expand options for voters to safely cast ballots.

The bill would have mandated that states offer 15 days of early voting prior to every election, allow voters to request an absentee ballot without an excuse, and send a mail-in ballot to every voter in an emergency situation where holding in-person elections would be logistically unfeasible or dangerous.

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UNHEALTHY USA: 70% Hospitalized With COVID-19 Weren’t Healthy to Start


Among US patients hospitalized with COVID-19, 73% had at least one underlying condition, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“In the United States, persons with underlying health conditions or other recognized risk factors for severe outcomes from respiratory infections appear to be at a higher risk for severe disease from COVID-19 than are persons without these conditions,” the report said.

As of March 28, US states and territories had reported 122,653 coronavirus cases, the report said. For the 7,162 cases in which patients’ underlying health data were available, the CDC said 71% of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and 78% of those admitted to intensive care units had preexisting conditions or risk factors. By contrast, just 27% of people who tested positive but weren’t hospitalized had underlying health issues.

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Coronavirus Spread a Perfect Storm of Malnourished Americans, Big Pharma Control

Celebrity Inmates Seek Early Release, Fearing the Coronavirus


Convicted Los Angeles lawyer Michael Avenatti urged a court on Monday to release him from a federal jail in New York after a judge agreed that his health could be jeopardized by the spread of the coronavirus among inmates.

The former attorney for adult-film actress Stormy Daniels is part of a growing group of high-profile prisoners, including comedian Bill Cosby and financier Bernie Madoff, who say they should be set free to protect them from COVID-19.

The pleas for mercy come amid mounting concerns that jails and prisons could serve as dangerous breeding grounds for the coronavirus. An inmate and four people who work in Los Angeles County jails have tested positive for COVID-19. After displaying symptoms Thursday, the inmate was taken to L.A. County-USC Medical Center.

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Big Brother Tracking America to Make Sure We Are ‘Self-Isolating’


It’s not fun when you’re stuck inside, but many people are, and it’s essential so that we can help slow the pandemic. Several states are under stay-at-home orders to help curb the coronavirus pandemic, and we know it will be this way for at least another month, if not longer. The importance of quarantining, especially when sick, is no joke, and yet new data is showing which Americans are ignoring the orders. Here are the details.

Uncast, a company that collects and analyzes GPS phone location data, has revealed it’s “Social Distancing Scoreboard,” which tallies and shows which states are listening and playing by the quarantine rules. They tallied up a color-coded map by comparing current data on locations to the same areas a typical day before the pandemic began. They took note of the changes spent around the house, how distance traveled changed, and clusters of activity.


TX Spring Breakers Are Realizing They Have Coronavirus

spring break

The spring break coronavirus saga continues.

Texas officials in Austin and Travis County have confirmed that 28 young spring breakers returning to the area from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, have tested positive for the coronavirus, reported Tony Plohetski of local station KVUE-TV in a string of Tweets.

“According to officials, about 70 people in their 20s got on a chartered plane for a spring break trip about a week and a half ago,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet. “Although they were not under a travel advisory at the time, people are still asked to limit travel to essential needs.”

Officials said that four of the 28 cases were asymptomatic and all confirmed patients are self-isolating, he added.

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Leftists Are Praising Coronavirus For Cutting ‘Carbon Emissions’


As the coronavirus disrupts everyday life, experts are beginning to think about what changes will be temporary and what changes will be permanent.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced hundreds of millions of people around the world to distance themselves from each other, sending massive shockwaves through the global economy that we’re only beginning to understand.

One area that’s become particularly hard hit is the global oil industry, where prices have crashed and have called into question the long-term viability of many of the players. It’s a complicated industry where in some cases the costs of shutting down a well are so high that drillers are paying customers to take oil away.

“The global economy is a complex physical system with physical frictions, and energy sits near the top of that complexity,” Goldman Sachs’ Jeff Currie wrote in a note to clients on Monday. “It is impossible to shut down that much demand without large and persistent ramifications to supply.“


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