Philadelphia Man Dragged Off Bus by Police For Not Wearing Face Mask

medical tyranny

A video clip shows a man being dragged off a bus by police in Philadelphia because he was not wearing a face mask to protect against coronavirus.

At least four officers are seen attempting to remove the man from the bus as he resists and is dragged onto the platform. One of the officers appears to verbally threaten to tase the man.

The man drops his phone before picking it up and recording the officers while demanding, “I want all your f**king badge numbers too.”

“They just kicked me off the f**king bus,” the man tells someone on the other end of the phone as the officers walk away.

The rule on wearing a face mask was brought in after at least 16 SEPTA employees working at different sites tested positive for coronavirus and three died.

Police are also checking if riders are making essential journeys.


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