Footage Shows Ahmaud Arbery Confront Police in Previous Encounter


Body cam footage shows slain Georgia man Ahmaud Arbery being confrontational with police after he was approached during a routine encounter.

Arbery, 25, who was shot and killed by two white men in February, appears irritated while an officer tries to ask him why he’s parked in the middle of an open field near a park in Brunswick.

In the newly-released footage from 2017, Arbery asks why he’s being detained after the Glynn County PD officer runs his license.

“Why am I fucking with you?” the officer says, repeating Arbery’s question. “I’ll tell you why I’m here, because this area is known for drug activity,” the officer tells him, at which point Arbery becomes highly agitated.


Security Camera Video Shows More Details on Ahmaud Arbery Murder

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