DOJ: There is No Pandemic Exception to the U.S. Constitution


President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice just made a declaration that Obama’s never would have: that there is no pandemic exception to the U.S. Constitution.

Lockdowns were initially justified under the basis that we have “fifteen days to flatten the curve.” They’ve since continued for two months, and some Blue State Governors have gone as far as to say they won’t fully reopen until a vaccine is available. That’s just a fancy way of justifying a “lockdown forever” policy, because the fastest vaccine ever brought to market took four years. While it is great to see some companies stating that they’ll be able to have a vaccine within a year, it was be an unprecedented feat (and still way to long to delay reopening regardless).

By memorial day every state will have removed restrictions to some extent, but it’s increasingly looking like it’s the people, not the government, that are determining when lockdowns end (and the extent to which they’ll obey other rules in place).  And while state and local governments may try to prevent that, the DOJ is stepping in, especially when it comes to protecting religious freedom.


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