SWEDEN: Iraqi Migrant Denied Asylum Before Decapitating Teenage Girlfriend


In a new turn in a story that has gripped Sweden, the Iraqi-born migrant accused of brutally murdering and dismembering his 17-year-old girlfriend was reportedly denied asylum.

The young Wilma Andersson was allegedly disassembled by her Iraqi-born boyfriend following an argument. She had been reported missing in November last year.

Investigators found her head in a suitcase at her boyfriend’s apartment, wrapped in tin foil and sellotape, along with underwear and stuffed toys. His logic for keeping the head was due to the fact that he loved her too much.

Witnesses later reported that the relationship had been, at times, abusive; and the unnamed former child refugee had attempted to convert her to Islam–despite telling Swedish authorities he had integrated into Swedish society on his citizenship application.

According to Voice of Europe, the unnamed Iraqi-born migrant was denied asylum on multiple occasions.

National File

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