Microsoft Bans Healthcare Worker From Skype 24 Hours After Alex Jones Interview

bill gates

Microsoft-owned Skype has frozen the account of a healthcare worker a day after he appeared on The Alex Jones Show to discuss the coronavirus hysteria and misinformation.

The day after talking with Alex Jones on his Sunday show about the globalists’ coronavirus takeover plan, CT nurse Josiah Dan noticed he’d been locked out of his Microsoft account indefinitely after trying to interview someone on Skype.

“My interviewer sent me a link to connect with the call, I tried to connect and it wouldn’t let me access to my Skype,” Dan told Infowars Tuesday.

“It brought me to the login page, and when I tried to log in it sent me on a wild goose chase to try to find where to fix the problem.”

“When I went to try and fix it, it gave me that message that I violated their terms for use.”


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