Man Pulled From Wheelchair And Beaten During Portland Riots (VIDEO)


UPDATE: Wheelchair guy is AGAINST the rioters, as he can be seen in another video ripping the rioters, shouting “What’s wrong with you? I didn’t kill anyone!…I had to wake up to fire in the streets, to people smashing windows, to being just a bunch of assholes, how is this gonna help anything? Look at that, she spit on me, all because I had the balls to tell her I didn’t want people lighting fires in the street.” At some point later in the night, several others, including both black folks and white folks, tried to lecture the guy, telling him “Shut the fuck up and promote, or shut the fuck up” while another one tried to dismiss wheelchair guy talking about his sister being raped. In the middle of it all, some hysterical white dude started ranting about climate change and Eptstein. Wheelchair guy and one of the black dudes end up having a constructive conversation.

the Gateway Pundit

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