BRAINWASHED: Hundreds of Whites Renounce Privilege in White Guilt Prayer (Video)


Eerie footage out of Maryland shows hundreds of white people sitting on the ground reciting a sermon in which they apologize for their white privilege.

In video shot Tuesday, scores of white people are seen sitting on the street with their hands raised to the sky in front of a Bethesda public library begging for forgiveness from black people following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police.

“I will use my voice in the most uplifting way possible, and do everything in my power to educate my community,” a person says over a loudspeaker, which everyone in attendance repeats in a cult-like fashion.

“I will love my black neighbors the same as my white ones,” the person states over the loudspeaker.

As leftists revel in their “evangelical-style religious service,” recall just mere weeks ago they rejoiced as Christians and other religious groups were being arrested and cited for attending church services.


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