‘FAKE WOKENESS’: Video Game Firm Switches Profile to LGBT Flag… But NOT on Middle East Account!


The Bethesda video game company has drawn the ire of netizens who noticed that it had changed its Twitter profile logos to a rainbow flag to celebrate LGBT Pride Month, but made an exception for its Middle East account.

The American firm has been flooded with comments accusing it of insincerity and meaningless virtue signaling in its quest to appear woke.

Many angry gamers suggested that the only thing Bethesda cared about was money — and that if LGBT rights were truly high on its agenda, the Middle East account would also display the pride flag.

Some noticed that while the company logo had been switched on its main account and accounts in France, the UK, Brazil, Poland and New Zealand (among others), it was also absent on the gaming giant’s Russian Twitter account. That’s perhaps because Russia has a law against the “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships.”


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