Instagram “Influencers” Use Floyd Protests For Photoshoots

dumbass liberals

As it does with everything nowadays, social media played a critical role in rousing the US, and then the world (or at least parts of wealthy western Europe), to stand up against police brutality following the murder of George Floyd while being taken into custody.

More recently, the incessant virtue signaling by Hollywood actors, celebrities and just normal people has, at times, verged on parody, like when – earlier this week – hundreds of thousands of users posted black squares on their screens in an effort to “amplify black voices”. Minutes later, they deleted the squares after someone else said it was tantamount to a “blackout” on minority voices.

But without a doubt the most infuriating social media phenomenon is the IG “influencer” crowd treating the protests and riots, as well as their aftermath, like it was Coachella, or some kind of massive block party, posting for highly curated photos, often obstructing the paths of others while they scream at their boyfriends to make sure they get “the perfect pic”.

Zero Hedge

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