Minneapolis Mayor Exiled By BLM Cult After Saying He Wouldn’t Defund Police (Video)


Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) was ejected from a Black Lives Matter event after he admitted that he does not support defunding the police.

When asked by a BLM organizer on Saturday if he would commit to completely defunding the police, Frey balked and admitted he would not, resulting in the entire mob turning against him, yelling “resign”, “shame” and “go home” as Frey slinked off.

The incident is especially notable given Frey groveled excessively to appease the far-left, including allowing rioters to burn and loot Minneapolis for days, sobbing like a baby in front of George Floyd’s casket, and promising “structural reform” to the city’s police.

Frey isn’t the only Democrat leader the mob is turning on.


Minneapolis Mayor Falls to His Knees in Front of George Floyd’s Gold Casket

Minneapolis Mayor Begs For Aid After Letting Rioters Destroy City

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