Cop Refuses to Kneel to Protesters Who Demand It (Video)


A police officer refused to kneel in front of protesters who demanded he submit.

The Lowell, Mass., officer was standing guard outside a building when protesters told him to “take a knee,” according to

“Nah,” he responded as respectfully as he could.

Viewers of the clip were overwhelmingly supportive of the cop for not kneeling down to the protest, with several of them stating it would have put him in a dangerous position that would have made him unable to respond to threats, not to mention it would’ve been a dereliction of his duty to stand guard.

“Why are they trying to force people to do something?? What if it was the other way around?? There is not ONE man I know that would get on his knees for ANYONE!!!!” One viewer responded. “And I stand behind that. It’s just a way of trying to enforce your dominance onto another, no matter skin color. This has gotten ridiculous.”

Quick question: would you rather have this officer protecting your neighborhood from civil unrest, or the young Swedish cadet who broke down into tears and took a knee?


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