Driver Attacked By Rioters Blocking Streets at Protest in Seattle, Shoots One Attacker (Video)


A man who appears to be either Hispanic or a light-skinned African-American was filmed shooting an African-American rioter assaulting him as he drove near a group of protesters blocking the streets in Seattle on Sunday.

The media and Twitterati falsely reported this as a “plowing” attack carried out by a “white” man based off initial videos and wild speculation only to have an extended video and photographs of the man undermine their narrative.

Extended video shows the man was being attacked by multiple rioters while driving down a street which was blocked off at the end by protesters. The man came to a full stop due to a blockage being in the road and was surrounded by attackers hitting his car. He then shot one man who was reaching into his car and physically assaulting him.

Information Liberation

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