MSM Ignores Over 30 Shot In Deadly Chicago Weekend


Though largely overlooked and ignored in the now 24/7 mainstream network coverage of racial injustice in America, Chicago witnessed another deadly weekend of inner-city black on black gang-related violence, with over 30 people shot. 

“Three people are dead and at least 28 others have been injured in shootings across the city this weekend,” a Chicago NBC affiliate reports.

This after on the same Memorial Day weekend that George Floyd was heinously killed by police in Minnesota, Chicago had witnessed a whopping nearly 50 people shot in one of the city’s deadliest ever holiday weekends (where ten died from their wounds, including young people).

At a moment “Black Lives Matter” chants can be heard overtaking most every major American city, the now weekly reality of dozens tragically dying in black-on-black crime in Chicago and some other large cities (a trend that tends to increase into the hot summer months) remains a huge ‘blind spot’ in terms of the current ideologically charged media debate and public discourse.

Zero Hedge

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