Manufacturer to Leave Minneapolis After Plant Set on Fire in Riots


The owner of a manufacturing plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota, says he will move his business out of the city after officials failed to protect his livelihood from being set on fire in riots this month.

Owner of 7-SIGMA, Kris Wyrobek, told the Star Tribune in an interview that he plans to leave Minneapolis after protesters, arsonists, and looters wrecked the city in weeks-long riots over the death of George Floyd.

The riots, which started in Minneapolis, quickly spread to Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Portland, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and other smaller to medium-sized cities. Police officers have been attacked in the unrest, businesses have been burned down and looted, and innocent bystanders have been killed.

Wyrobeck’s 7-SIGMA — which designs, manufactures, and supplies polymer and metal components and assemblies for printing, medical, aerospace, and industrial companies and has about 50 employees — will not be returning to Minneapolis after it was set on fire in the riots.


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