Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Sold Millions of Dollars of Apple, Facebook, and Visa Stock


House Speaker Nancy Pelosirecently disclosed that her husband, Paul, sold millions of dollars of stock in May, including large blocks of Apple, Facebook, and Visa.

Businessman Paul Pelosi sold 8,000 Apple (ticker: AAPL) shares on May 8 for a total reported range of between $2 million and $7 million. Specific figures aren’t required for disclosure, only ranges. On that day, Apple stock traded from an intraday low of $304.29 to a high of $310.35, so the total value of his sale of the iPhone maker’s shares can be narrowed to a range of $2,434,320 to $2,482,800.

His most recent previous transactions in Apple stock were in 2018 when he was buying in February and September of that year.

Paul Pelosi sold 5,000 Facebook shares on May 8 for a total stated range of $1 million to $5 million. Facebook stock traded between $210.85 and $213.21 that day, so the value range of Paul Pelosi’s sale can be narrowed to between $1,054,250 and $1,066,050.


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