San Jose Mayor Rejects Defunding Police: Will Hurt People Most Affected by Racism


The mayor of San Jose, California, said on Sunday he is against the so-called defund police movement that’s taken root in the wake of the death of George Floyd, a black man who died at the hands of the Minneapolis police, saying it would hurt the communities activists say they want to help.

Mayor Sam Liccardo said cutting police budgets would also hurt police reform efforts.

“We have much work to do to confront our long and terrible history of police brutality against black and brown Americans,” Liccardo said. “Defunding urban police departments won’t help us do it. It is the wrong idea at the worst possible time and the budget released tomorrow will reflect that.”

“Defunding police will hurt the very people who have suffered the most from systemic racism in this nation,” Liccardo said. “Rich, white communities and businesses in suburban malls will just accelerate the hiring of private security guards.”


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