War on Language: Microsoft Developer calls to make coding PC

racism code

In wake of the George Floyd protests, a developer has published a blog post detailing how to rename the “oppressive” coding vocabulary, which includes such terms as “master,” “slave,” “blacklist” and “whitelist.”

Scott Hanselman, a programmer who works at Microsoft, has penned a blog post about how to rename the “master”branch in code repositories to something less offensive.

Offensive to whom remains unclear but, in the post, Hanselman stated that there are “lots of more accurate options depending on context.”

“It costs me nothing to change my vocabulary, especially if it is one less little speed bump to getting a new person excited about tech,” he wrote.

Last month another developer, Simon Pieters, pointed out that “master” could be an offensive term, a public mailing list leak revealed. His idea to rename coding terms didn’t get a positive response among his colleagues.


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