Seattle Police Chief: Response Time is Slow, But We Are Still Responding


On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best stated that there aren’t any no-police response zones in the city, “and we are still responding to every single call in every area of the city.” Best added that barricades around the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) or Capitol Hill Occupied Protest Area (CHOP) “prevent us from going in as quickly and as efficiently as we’d like to. And certainly, because we’re not in the precinct, response times across the entire east precinct area have increased.”

Best said, “There’s not a no-Seattle Police Department response zone, as people have sometimes categorized the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest Area. You know, there is a small area in a section of the city, where we’re dealing with some occupants and some of the issues there. But Seattle is not under siege and we are still responding to every single call in every area of the city. When it comes to that particular area, we have — if we get a call, there’s an important emergency, a 911 call, we’re going in. We’re going to do our job. I have a list of reports we’ve taken already. But we also have to be considerate of the delicate situation that we have there. The last thing, the last thing I want to do is have any issue of violence occur in the area. So, we’re being very judicial about how we do it — judicious, I mean, about how we do it and how we go in. And I would say to you, while we’re dealing with that issue, more than anything, I’m focused on the future, how are we going to reenvision the future of policing with all that we have going on in the country and specifically in Seattle, for me, today.”


Seattle Autonomous Zone Keeping Police From Respond to Serious Crimes

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