Woke Mobs Now Destroying Statues of Anti-Slavery Figures

woke mob

Police in various American cities especially on the East and West coasts have stood down while fanatical mobs of leftists unilaterally determine which public monuments and statues should be toppled, destroyed, and in some cases beheaded — as in the recent “beheading” of a Christopher Columbus statue at a public park in Boston.

It didn’t take long for the woke mobs to target statues of the founding fathers and American Constitutional framers in the past days.

In Portland over the weekend, a large bronze Thomas Jefferson statue that was a central feature of Jefferson High School campus was pulled down after Black Lives Matter protests there.

Zero Hedge

Protesters Deface Statue of Anti-Slavery Quaker

Portland Rioters Rip Down Statue of Thomas Jefferson

BLM Protesters Deface Statue Of Famous Abolitionist

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