Gunfight Erupts In Atlanta Streets, Bystander Shot (Video)

dumbass fucking liberals

Harrowing video out of Atlanta, Georgia, shows an armed gang roving the streets before a gunfight breaks out in a crowd, resulting in a girl getting wounded from gunfire.

The video begins by showing several armed men menacingly prowl the street at night before gunfire goes off at a nearby parking lot.

“Let me get behind the car, ya’ll. Let me get behind the car,” the man shooting the video says before over a dozen shots ring out.

“Fuck! Get down! Get down!” the man yells before a nearby girl in the street falls over and begins to scream.

“Oh! You okay?! You okay? You hit? She’s hit! It almost hit me!” the man yells. “Call the ambulance! Hey, she’s hit!”

The woman, appearing to have suffered a flesh wound to the leg, tries to apply a tourniquet to the wound with the help of several other eye witnesses.


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