Amazon Debuts World’s First Warehouse Picker Robot


Amazon is leading a robotics race that has transformed the warehouse industry.

The online retailer employs hundreds of thousands of employees in its massive warehouse network, which has also invested heavily in robots and other automation technologies, suggesting some of these jobs will be eliminated.

Amazon warehouse workers must have an idea their jobs be taken over by robots, especially after the online retailer had an embarrassing several months during the virus pandemic, resulting in shipping delays and product shortages, due to a huge demand surge for online items, but also, employees contracted the deadly virus — resulting in some facilities to shut down for sanitation operations.

If white-collar workers at Amazon haven’t evaluated HAI Robotics, well, we might have found the perfect autonomous warehouse robot that will not just cut down labor costs and increase warehouse storage but will minimize virus spread with the elimination of the warehouse picker (the main responsibility of a picker is to gather products for order fulfillment).

Zero Hedge

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