Dixie Chicks Are Now ‘The Chicks’ to Avoid Triggering Liberals

the chicks

Dixie Chicks are changing their name. The trio will go forward as The Chicks. The band revealed the change with the branding for its new song “March March.” The Chicks have also amended the cover of their comeback album Gaslighter to reflect the new name. In addition, the band’s social media pages and website now refer to the trio as the Chicks. Watch the new “March March” video below.

On June 17, writer Jeremy Helligar penned an op-ed for Variety that questioned the country trio’s band name. (The term “Dixie,” long associated with the South and Southern culture, was originally derived from the Mason-Dixon line.) Helligar noted the recent controversy surrounding Lady Antebellum’s name change to Lady A had netted that band a good amount of press attention before writing, “The Dixie Chicks don’t need to change their name to get that kind of publicity, but their silence has been deafening. This is a discussion we need to have, and they should be a part of it.”


Black singer named Lady A furious that Lady Antebellum took her name ‘with no regard’

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