Twitter ‘Canceling’ Joe Rogan Again After He Said MSM Ignores Joe Biden’s Mental Decline


Joe Rogan was trending on Twitter as people tried yet again to have the world’s most popular podcaster canceled. It comes after he revisited his skepticism about Joe Biden’s capacity to be the next president, among other remarks.

Attempts to make Rogan disappear from public view or at least shame people into not listening to his podcasts are nothing new. They have not been successful before and don’t appear to be working now.

Why is he ‘being cancelled’ this time? There were several things that my have prompted the outrage.

In a Thursday podcast, Rogan, who usually steers clear of politics, reiterated his negative attitude to how the Democratic Party primary went in the US. He criticized the ‘vote blue no matter who’ position and said mainstream Democrats and their friendly media have been ignoring problems with the candidacy of Joe Biden, like “speeches that clearly show some kind of cognitive decline” in the former vice president.


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