8 in 10 Brits Would Back Another Lockdown if COVID Strikes Again


A remarkably high number of Britons are open to the idea of another lockdown being imposed if Covid-19 cases surge again, a poll has revealed. Many are even afraid of going out and visiting public places that are about to reopen.

More than eight in 10 people – 83 percent – of Brits said they would support another coronavirus shutdown, YouGov found out in a survey for Sky News, which saw 1,610 British adults interviewed in recent days.

Roughly the same number, 78 percent, responded positively when asked whether they would stay indoors for two weeks if asked by the NHS; incredibly, almost two-thirds of Britons are ready to self-isolate on the instructions from a smartphone app.

The eye-catching results come as the UK prepares to ease the months-long coronavirus lockdowns. England will be first to open this Saturday, with people allowed to keep one meter apart, instead of the previous two meters. Pubs, restaurants, leisure and entertainment facilities, as well as barbershops, will open their doors for post-lockdown visitors.


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