Mayor, Father of Child Killed by BLM Slam Black on Black Violence


An 8-year-old black girl was shot dead inside a car during a Black Lives Matter protest, leading the Mayor of Atlanta to proclaim, “We are shooting each other on our streets.”

The shooting happened on July 4 near the same Wendys that was torched by BLM protesters in response to the police killing of Rayshard Brooks less than a month ago.

“A crowd of protesters gathered there and erected barricades. A car tried to enter the area to find a place to park, but was blocked by the activists,” reports RT.

“In the ensuing confrontation, at least two people in the crowd opened fire at the vehicle, hitting Secoriea Turner, 8, police said. She was taken to Atlanta Medical Center, where she died from her wounds.”


“You Killed a Child”: Father of 8-Year-Old Shot During BLM Protest Speaks Out

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