Communist Chinese Propaganda Video Claims Covid Was Weaponized To Beat Trump


The Chinese state-run news outlet, China Global Television Network (CGTN), has released a propaganda video claiming COVID-19 is a test populist leaders like President Trump failed.

The video, titled Can COVID-19 Beat Populism?, was released on Tuesday.

The communist-produced piece claims Trump’s handling of the virus is yet “another straw on the camel’s back to expose [Trump’s] hollow politics.”

Since the focus of the video is populism, Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Britain’s Boris Johnson were also targeted.

The state-sponsored film claims leaders like Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson, “are experts at manipulating people’s feelings,” but that “they are incompetent at solving real threats and problems.”

“The current once-in-a-century pandemic is a test and most of the populist leaders have failed it,” the narrator states.


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