Polling Firm Rasmussen Warns About “National Poll Suppression”

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Polling firm Rasmussen claims that “national poll suppression” is taking place in order to hide President Trump gaining on Joe Biden.

“OK folks, no joke, this is now a national poll suppression story,” tweeted the company.


The tweet featured a screenshot from Real Clear Politics showing that no polls have been released that cover the week after August 25th, which is before the rioting and looting in Kenosha, Wisconsin took place.


Portland Leftists Throw Objects at Trump Supporter Convoy (Videos)


Video clips out of Portland show anti-Trump leftists throwing objects at Trump supporters’ cars as they drive at speed down the highway, something that could have caused a serious accident.

One of the clips shows a man with a bucket full of objects throwing them at vehicles to the soundtrack of “Fuck Donald Trump.”

Another clip shows a group of people throwing objects, which could be water balloons or eggs, at the cars. A woman is heard laughing in the background.


A Patriot Murdered in Portland (Video)

The United States continues to burn to the ground on the Democrats’ watch, and while millions of Americans remained silent, Patriot Prayer stood their ground.

Will America stand idly by after a fellow American was shot by an Antifa terrorist in Portland, Oregon over the weekend on American soil rather than honor Aaron “Jay” Danielson?

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler immediately blamed President Trump for the tragedy, a clear indication that the Democrats will continue their chaotic plan to control the reigns of power to its bitter end.

Now is the time to pray for all patriots putting their lives on the line for the rest of America, and furthermore, it is time to stand with them.


Antifa Murders Trump Supporter in Portland, Celebrates (Video)

Over Half of Arrested Kenosha Rioters From Out of Town


“Largely peaceful” protests have continued in Kenosha, Wisconsin every night since Jacob Blake was shot by a local cop while purportedly reaching for a knife hidden in a vehicle (a vehicle which was also carrying his children at the time).

Blake has reportedly been paralyzed from the shots – for now, at least – but an upsurge of pressure from the ACLU has at least prompted deputies to uncuff him from his hospital bed.

The wheels of justice sometimes turn slowly, yet we suspect it’s only a matter of time before the charges Blake is facing from an unrelated May assault case are dropped.

While the violence has toned down somewhat since Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly shot three people, killing 2 of them, during a confrontation Tuesday night – while he’s been charged with first degree murder his attorneys are mounting a case of self defense – police continued to make arrests Sunday night, seizing guns and other weapons, while also charging some for violating curfew and other local orders.

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95% of 400 Arrested In Santa Monica, CA From Out Of Town

Rand Paul Believes Mob Who Assaulted Him Were “Paid Anarchists”

TX Salon Owner Jailed For Defying COVID Restrictions Runs For Senate


The Dallas salon owner who made headlines earlier this year after being imprisoned for defying lockdown orders has launched a Texas Senate campaign.

Leveraging the publicity from her high-profile arrest, Salon à la Mode owner Shelley Luther says the recent incident already shows she’s willing to fight and go to jail for the people.

On Friday, Luther’s name appeared among a list of candidates vying for the Senate District 30 seat

Luther made headlines in April after she was thrown in jail for defying lockdown orders and opening her salon to the public, arguing she and her employees needed to feed their children.


The View Attacks TX Salon Owner Shelley Luther For Defying Lockdown

TX Governor Issues Executive Order Freeing Salon Owner From Jail

Thousands Donate to Jailed Salon Owner Who Stood Up to Judge in Viral Video

TX AG Ken Paxton Calls For ‘Immediate Release’ of Jailed Salon Owner (Video)

Woman Sentenced to Week in Jail For Refusing to Apologize For Reopening Salon

Texas Salon Reopens Despite Lockdown, Owner Cites ‘Constitutional Right’

RFK JR Delivered Powerful Speech in Berlin (Video)


In a rare appearance, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. delivers a powerful speech to a massive crowd in Berlin, Germany, criticizing COVID health policies and the global government system in general.

Watch as he rallies the liberty-loving people of Germany in defense of freedom for all humans worldwide.


Berlin Bans Protest Against COVID Restrictions, Deploys Police

Thousands Protest COVID Restrictions in Berlin (Video)

Appeals Court Denies Flynn Request to Dismiss Case


Michael Flynn’s request to force a judge to immediately dismiss his case was shot down by a federal appeals court on Monday.

In an 8-2 ruling, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Flynn’s petition to force Judge Emmett Sullivan to accept the Justice Department’s motion to drop charges without holding a hearing, according to The Hill.

Flynn’s request that Sullivan be forced to recuse himself was also struck down, after his legal team argued that the judge acted improperly when he appointed a partisan outside attorney to argue against the DOJ’s decision to drop the case, and that it was inappropriate to ask the full circuit court to revisit an earlier decision by a three-member panel of the DC Circuit to drop the case.

Unless Flynn’s lawyers appeal to the Supreme Court, Sullivan will be able to move forward with a hearing about the DOJ’s unusual reversal in the case, before deciding whether to allow the Trump administration to withdraw its charges against the president’s former close aide.

Flynn had pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. and agreed to cooperate with the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in 2016 election. –The Hill

The DOJ filed a motion to drop the case against Flynn in May, after it was revealed that the FBI engaged in a ‘perjury trap’ against the former Trump National Security Adviser.

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Gen. Flynn: Communists Are Attempting to Overthrow the US!

FBI Agents Knew Flynn ‘Was not Acting as an Agent of Russia’

Flynn Judge Refuses to Dismiss Case, Petitions for Additional Hearing

Flynn “Knew About the Billions Brennan and Company Were Running Off the Books”

Peter Strzok Bragged About Using Logan Act Against General Flynn

DOJ Releases Strzok Notes Implicating Obama & Biden DIRECTLY Ordered Sham Flynn Probe

FBI Investigating Itself Over Flynn Probe

MS Gov. Attends Trump Speech Maskless Despite Constant Executive Orders


More than 1,500 guests watched, laughed and cheered on President Donald Trump from the South Lawn of the White House Thursday night, the vast majority without masks or six feet of separation.

Photos show Gov. Tate Reeves was one of them.

The snapshots, which quickly circulated through social media, serve as a direct contrast to a photo Reeves himself tweeted before Trump addressed the crowd: a selfie with First Lady Elee Reeves that showed both of them wearing masks that support the president.

That visual evidence marks the third time since June that Reeves chose not to wear a mask at a public event, though Thursday night had by far the largest crowd.

Some Mississippians — still required to wear masks until Monday — call it a double standard.


Mississippi COVID: Gov. Tate Reeves orders statewide mask mandate

Mississippi Leftists Push Tate Reeves to Keep Schools Closed

Sign the Petition to Remove MS Governor Tate Reeves From Office

MS Governor Maintains Lockdown Despite Just 209 Deaths in Entire State

MS Governor Extends Face Mask Executive Order Until September

MS Governor Issues Illegal Face Mask Mandate

Mitch McConnell’s Campaign Hires Covington Teen Nick Sandmann


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign has hired a Kentucky teenager known for his viral encounter with a Native American man at the Lincoln Memorial last year.

Nick Sandmann landed a paid position as grassroots director for McConnell’s reelection effort in Kentucky, the senator’s campaign said Friday. Sandmann started his new role this month, and McConnell campaign manager Kevin Golden said they’re “excited” to have him on board.

As grassroots director, Sandmann will assist in developing field operations and building coalitions.

“Along with our already strong team, his efforts to bring people together all across Kentucky will be critical to Senator McConnell’s victory this November,” Golden said in a statement.

Sandmann, a Transylvania University student, tweeted Thursday: “finally got to add more to my bio than just my schools.”

NY Post

NYPD Arrests Man Who Tried to Violently Rape Woman in Manhattan

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A New York City man who was caught on camera allegedly attempting to rape a 25-year-old woman on an Upper East Side subway platform has been arrested, authorities said. 

Detectives with the 23rd Precinct took Jose Reyes, a Bronx resident, into custody on Sunday at 12:29pm at the intersection of Lexington Avenue and East 105th Street in East Harlem.

He has been charged with attempted rape, assault and harassment. 

Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said during a press conference that police used the NYPD’s facial recognition program to identify Reyes.

The program matched an image of Reyes’ face to a previous mugshot he acquired earlier this year from a criminal mischief arrest.  

Harrison also said that three tips reported to the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hotline helped locate Reyes.

Daily Mail UK

Woman Walking to Work in Brooklyn Ambushed, Beaten by Stranger Now in A Coma