B-Real Of Cypress Hill On Communism: No One Who Escaped It Wants To Go Back

cypress hill

B-Real, frontman for one of the world’s most famous hip-hop groups, Cypress Hill, recently shared a story about how his mother escaped a Cuban prison during the Fidel Castro era.

B-Real, whose real name is Louis Freese, explained that his Cuban mother was a political prisoner who escaped jail and made it to America by floating across the ocean on a raft.

“She was a political prisoner at a very young age and one of her uncles worked in the prison. He helped her escape, made her a makeshift raft and that’s how she got off the island,” he said. “She was found by a fishing boat a day or two later. Cracked skull, the whole shit.”

The boat that picked her up in between Florida and Cuba was headed towards New York and that’s where his mother first arrived in The United States.


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