Epstein Debacle Reveals A Compromised FBI (Video)


The deeper we go into the lurid reality behind Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s teenage sex slave empire, the more we uncover disgusting Democrats and their associates.

Serial liar and alleged rapist Bill Clinton is dodging the revelations slowly creeping out of the Maxwell and her victim’s depositions thanks in large part to the mockingbird media covering his tracks and a pattern of protection emerging from the highest law enforcement bureaucracies in the United States to protect the elite’s penchant for unrestrained child sexual abuse.

This blackmail ring of international proportions will eventually implode, revealing the horrible truth that massive arrests and changes at the FBI must be courageously attained or America’s spiral into darkness will continue to accelerate.


Second Circuit Grants Delay on Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition Release

Virginia Giuffre Ordered to Destroy Files That Contain Names of Epstein Associates

Gloria Allred Condemns Maxwell Attorneys’ Request To Name Accusers

Epstein Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Called for The Lowering of The Age of Consent

Records of Prince Andrew’s Location on Night of Molestation Destroyed By Police

The Vile Truth Behind Madam Maxwell (Video)

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