Dems Using Mail-In Ballots, Counterfeit Driver’s Licenses to Steal 2020


The integrity of our elections is of paramount importance, because without fair elections we would lose the ability to choose our leaders. 

This is something that should transcend politics, because Republicans and Democrats should both be able to agree that anyone that attempts to fraudulently alter the outcome of an election is committing a crime against all of us.

Unfortunately, we are already witnessing some suspicious activity that is raising red flags.

It is well known that China wants President Trump to lose in November, and U.S. officials say that they have intercepted thousands upon thousands of counterfeit driver’s licenses which are being shipped into the United States from China.

Economic Collapse

Fake driver’s licenses flooding into US from China, other countries, US says

Las Vegas: 223K Mail-In Ballots Bounced as ‘Undeliverable’ in Election

CA Rejected 100K Mail-In Ballots Because of Mistakes

Hillary Clinton Claims GOP Rejecting Mail-In Ballots to “Ensure Trump Victory”

New Jersey Republicans Receive Mail-In Ballots With ONLY DEMOCRAT CHOICES

Michigan City Clerk Charged With Altering Ballots

George Soros Behind Push For 2020 Mail-In Ballots

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