Black Lives Matter Supporter Praises Murder Of White Five-Year-Old


Terrell Kent Of Wilson, North Carolina Had Some Disgusting Words To Share About The Death Of Five-Year-Old Cannon Hinnant Who Was Murdered By Darius Sessoms, His Neighbor, While Riding His Bicycle Outside Of Sessoms’ Home

Nationalist Review has been busy archiving the comments of community members in Wilson, North Carolina who have been discussing the murder of Cannon Hinnant. While there’s a lot to say on that matter—with relatives of the murderer Darius Sessoms chiming in with some not-too-courteous statements of their own—we thought it would be prudent to highlight this alarming comment from a local supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Update: We’ve released our article on comments made by the family members of murderer Darius Sessoms including comments from his cousins blaming the victim’s family for the child’s death and praying for the release of Darius the cold blooded killer.

National Review

Leftist Claims 5-Year-Old Boy Deserved to Die For His ‘White Privilege’

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