Bill Gates Slams Chloroquine, “Anti-Vaxxers,” 5G “Conspiracies” in New Interview

sweater boy

Billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates joined Bloomberg News for a softball interview to promote his COVID-19 vaccine, slam “anti-vaxxers” and dispel 5G “conspiracy theories.”

In the interview published Thursday, Gates confirms globalists plan to continue holding the world hostage until his vaccine arrives in late 2021.

“How do you think this all ends?” Bloomberg asks.

Gates, who’s pledged over $350 million through his foundation to fund vaccine research, responds, “The innovations in therapeutics will start to cut the death rate, but the true end will come from the spread of natural infections and the vaccine giving us herd immunity. For rich countries, that will be sometime next year, ideally in the first half. We’ll get out of this by the end of 2021.”


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