Hope For Atlanta Officer Rolfe After DA Loses Re-Election


Officer Garrett Rolfe was maliciously charged with murder and ten other counts in June by then-District Attorney Paul Howard. Last night, Howard was unseated by a tenacious young woman who worked under Howard for 16 years. Fani Willis won in a landslide with 73% of the vote. 

If you recall, Paul Howard is a slimy DA who embraced the media frenzy surrounding Rayshard Brooks’ death. Howard conducted a theatrical press conference announcing criminal charges before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation completed an investigation of the shooting. He then audaciously used images from the shooting in his re-election campaign advertisements. 

During the press conference, Howard lied when he described the interaction between Brooks and Rolfe, saying, “Brooks never displayed any aggressive behavior during the 41 minutes and 17 seconds.” If you recall from my analysis of the incident, Brooks had committed a felony obstruction by fighting the officers, felony assaults by striking both officers to rob them of the taser, and a felony robbery by stealing the taser while using force. He then suspiciously sought Felony Murder warrants for Ofc. Rolfe from a family court judge without criminal court experience.

Town Hall

Criminal Investigation Expanded Into District Attorney Who Charged Officers In Rayshard Brooks Shooting

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