Radical Leftists Announce Violent 51-Day Siege at White House

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A radical leftist organization has announced a weeks-long siege on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by releasing an ad featuring the White House engulfed in flames.

Accompanying a new “tactical briefing” from the far-left organization “The Blackspot Collective,” the ad depicts a nude woman, dubbed “Naked Athena” by BLM protesters, spreading her legs as she faces toward the direction of the front lawn with the White House visible amid fire and smoke.

An announcement on AdBusters.org promoting the hashtag #WhiteHouseSiege calls for activists “to be there in the hundreds of thousands… to remind this authoritarian regime of our significance, our will, and our power.”

“Phase One runs from Occupy’s ninth anniversary, September 17th, to Election Day — a fifty-day siege on the White House,” the announcement states. “This is the #WhiteHouseSiege. And, if need be, we will be ready to reconvene at any time after that to ensure the peaceful transition of power.”


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