Clinton Says U.S. ‘Can’t Blame’ China For ‘Acting in its Own Self-Interest’ (Video)


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday that the U.S. “can’t blame” China for acting in its own self-interest militarily, economically and internationally but predicted that a Biden administration would be able to bring about a “steadier” and “more predictable course” to China policy.

“For a number of decades, it was certainly in America’s interest and the world’s interest, I would argue, to support China’s economic rise to work to include China in the international order, in all kinds of institutional ways, but I think any relationship has to be constantly reevaluated,” Clinton said during a discussion organized by the Atlantic Council.

“As we’ve seen with (China leader) Xi Jinping, a lot of the aggressive nature of China’s ambitions, now, are very clear – militarily and strategically, economically, internationally. And so you require a clear and and consistent approach to China, which we have not seen under the Trump administration,” Clinton also said.

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