Leftists Are Doctoring ‘Evidence’ to Support the Murder of Cannon Hinnant


A doctored screenshot of a falsified press release from Wilson Police Department has enjoyed relative popularity as leftists and Black Lives Matter supporters scramble to salvage the prevailing mainstream narrative that lit the metaphorical tinder box causing the riots across major U.S. cities to take place in late-May and early-June.

Darrius Sessoms, 25, is alleged to have shot five-year-old Cannon Hinnant in the head at point black range for accidentally riding his bike on his front yard. The story grabbed international headlines as the alternative media drove coverage on the internet.

However, despite the allegations, some social media users conjured up a falsified press release of the crime, using the Wilson Police Department’s social media logo to imitate authenticity. The fake release contains a few spelling mistakes and grammatical errors–initially raising suspicions surrounding its legitimacy.

National File

Killer of Cannon Hinnant Receives Support From Leftists

Black Lives Matter Supporter Praises Murder Of White Five-Year-Old

‘Justice for Darius Sessoms’ Facebook Group Set Up by Troll Attracts Thousands of Actual Supporters

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