Flashback: USPS Found Guilty of Violating Hatch Act After Assisting Clinton Campaign


The Democrats and their media are working overtime pushing universal mail-in voting which means one thing — They know it’s easier to cheat that way.

And in typical Alinsky fashion they’re painting President Trump as the one who is attempting to steal the election.

These are wicked people.

President told reporters on Saturday that universal mail-in voting would be catastrophic.

Mail-in would guarantee a non-credible election result – and it would give Democrats time to work the media and cheat.

This is what Democrats want.

President Trump and all Americans should be concerned about universal mail-in voting.

Way back, in 2016, the US Postal Service was caught violating the Hatch Act in favor of Hillary Clinton. The investigation found that the US postal service was doing this for years!

Gateway Pundit

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