Prosecutors Working For Kamala-Mentored DA Committed “Substantial Abuses” During Smollett Investigation


Before the pandemic, we had Jussie Smollett – the former “Empire” star whose racist 2019 hate-crime hoax destroyed his career, stoked racial tensions nationwide, and cost Chicago taxpayers a reported $130,000 in police overtime thanks the MSM and prominent liberals who breathlessly reported Smollett’s lies as fact.

And according to findings by a special prosecutor tasked with investigating what looked like a massive cover-up by the Cook County DA’s office, State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and her assistant prosecutors committed ‘substantial abuses of discretion,’ but did not break the law.

To review, Smollett claimed that two white Trump supporters in MAGA hats assaulted him on a freezing cold January night at 2 a.m., calling him racist and homophobic slurs before beating him up and leaving a noose around his neck (which he was wearing when police arrived). The actor said he chased the two white men off after the alleged ‘hate crime.’

Zero Hedge

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