Man ‘Shouting Allahu Akbar’ Causes Motorway Accidents in Berlin in ‘Islamist Act’


Earlier in the day, authorities in Berlin stated that a city highway was shut down after a series of crashes the previous night that were all caused by one man.

German prosecutors on Wednesday described the incident in which a man caused a series of motorway accidents that left six people injured, as an “Islamist act”.

“Islamist motivation according to our current knowledge”, AFP reported, citing the prosecutors.

Meanwhile, local media outlets have described the perpetrator as a 30-year-old Iraqi who shouted “Allahu Akbar” when getting out of his car during the time of the incident.
The man then put a box on the roof of his car saying that it had explosives inside. Police, however, later said that the box only contained tools.

Three of the victims were injured severely in the incident, while traffic on one of Berlin’s main transport arteries was closed leading to long traffic jams.


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