Fact Check: Atlanta Mayor Claims People Are Risking Their Lives to Vote (Video)


CLAIM: Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) suggested that the GOP is using the Chinese coronavirus pandemic to “spread misinformation and interfere with voting,” forcing many to “risk their lives” to exercise their right to vote.

VERDICT: False. Members of the GOP have warned of the increased potential of fraud — which has been well-documented — when it comes to mass mail-in voting. Regardless, some reports indicate that the majority of Americans will be able to vote by mail in the upcoming election.

That aside, Americans are not risking their lives to vote, as even Dr. Anthony Fauci, who indicated he would vote in person, stated that there is virtually “no reason why we shouldn’t be able to vote, in person or otherwise” this year.

Furthermore, in-person voting was put to the test in Wisconsin’s April 7 primary, where over 400,000 voters headed to the polls. Only 52 later tested positive for the novel coronavirus, and “Wisconsin officials are not certain that those individuals — none of whom have died — contracted the virus at polling stations on Election Day,” as Breitbart News detailed.


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