Steve Bannon Charged With Fraud, Arrested On Westbrook Yacht


Update (1150ET): In his first comments on Bannon’s arrest, President Trump recalled that he didn’t support the “We Build The Wall” project at the time, and added that he thought it looked like “showboating”. “This is a job for the government, not private people,” he said.

Trump even tweeted his objections in July, as questions about the nonprofit and its work were being raised by watchdog groups and the press.

However, he added that Bannon’s arrest “was a very bad thing”.

“I didn’t like that project, I thought it was being done for showboating regions,” Trump said.

When pressed about reporters about the “lawlessness” in Trump’s administration (because “it’s not just Steve Bannon – it’s Michael Flynn, it’s Roger Stone…”) Trump shot back that there was plenty of “lawlessness” in the Obama Administration.

Zero Hedge

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