Fb Holds Daily Meetings For Contingency Plans After Deep State Steals Election


Facebook insiders told the New York Times the social media company, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is holding daily meetings to lay out contingency plans and post-election strategies.

Mostly, as the Times subheadline reads, “The world’s biggest social network is working out what steps to take should President Trump use its platform to dispute the vote.”

Mainstream media has been promoting a theory that President Trump will not accept the results of the election, most likely because they intend on stealing it from him.

Due to this fear of POTUS “interfering once the vote is over,” Zuckerberg and some of his lieutenants have begun daily meetings to examine all of the possible scenarios.

NYT reports, “Employees at the Silicon Valley company are laying out contingency plans and walking through postelection scenarios that include attempts by Mr. Trump or his campaign to use the platform to delegitimize the results, people with knowledge of Facebook’s plans said.”

One of the newspaper’s sources said, “Facebook is preparing steps to take should Mr. Trump wrongly claim on the site that he won another four-year term.”


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